Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

This Halloween came up quickly for me and while I had every intention of making shirts for the girls (the design was even made already!), the actual execution of printing and ironing them on did not happen after we returned from holiday in Greece.

I had about one hour on Wednesday, the day before Halloween, before school pickup and decided what the heck, let's just see if there's anything. I headed to H&M in the mall near the girls' school and - jackpot - Halloween shirt on sale for 15 qar and buy three get three free. That means we snagged these headbands and shirts for around $12.50. WOW!

As our neighbors started to see decorations put up they were quite disappointed with our modest collection of them at home. They also decided our house was not "snoopy" enough and Madi took it upon herself to make a "snoopy" picture to put up on the front door. Love it.

 We had friends over that evening for pizza and compound trick or treating. There was lots of candy and scary houses and the kids had a blast. Marli surprised me with fun earrings her hubby made with his 3D printer - how cool!

Happy Halloween from these three cuties!

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