Wednesday, August 14, 2019

America Trip Part 1

We got up bright and early to head to their airport to catch our flight. We made a quick trip to the lounge for me to get a coffee and then headed to our gate. The flight to Houston is about 16 hours and the girls did brilliant again. We had a rotation of eat, play, sleep twice and they all got a couple decent naps.

When we landed my sweet friend Kelly picked us up from the airport with coffee in hand when we walked out of customs. Y'all! If you are or have been an expat you know how amazing it is to have a friend who is willing to do that for you. We are so thankful for Kelly and her family loving on us with that and so much more on this trip! Her girls were amazing with mine and I loved getting to catch up with her.

The girls did pretty great with jet lag and we jumped right into visiting with friends and the girls started VBS. We made sure to visit Candytopia while we were in town because, duh. Kelly and her sweet girls joined us for that adventure.

It was so amazing to catch up with so many people while we were in town. I was definitely exhausted by the end of the week, but wouldn't change a thing because seeing everyone is a huge part of why we come back each year.

After the week up in Houston attending VBS we headed down to League City to stay with Jason's sister and her family. The cousins jumped right back into playing as though no time had passed and they got to spend the entire week together playing at the playground, putting on shows for us, swimming, and have lots of laughter and fun.

We re-created this cousin picture to see how much they've grown. It's been a fun tradition to do the last few years!

Jason wasn't planning to come to America this trip, but then a last minute work trip came up and thankfully it was the same week we were still in Texas! He was able to come stay with us part of the time. We are very thankful for this family and the chance to spend time with them and get the cousins together.

After Texas I flew the girls to Oklahoma to meet up with my mom and then continued on to Colorado to attend one of my sorority sister's wedding in Carbondale. The scenery was perfection and it was fun catching up with everyone. I also got a chance to do a little hiking outdoors, see other friends in Colorado and attend a Rockies game with my sister in law.

After the long weekend I flew back to Oklahoma where we spent the rest of our time while we were in America.

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