Thursday, July 11, 2019

First Half of July

The girls finished school towards the end of June and we had a couple extra weeks in Doha. The girls attended summer camp at their school and also a gymnastics camp before we headed to the US. We also did lots of playdates and activities with friends along with celebrating the twins' actual birthday.

  1. Best little helps adding the ingredients.
  2. Big sister in charge of mixing.
  3. The end result - the Magnolia chocolate bread. It was yummy!
  4. We have tolerant cats. Here is magician CeCe.
  5. Movie with their stuffed besties.
  6. Gymnastics duo.
  7. The most delicious quinoa salad that I am obsessed with and keep making for my lunches.
  8. Fun unicorn mugs they were gifted by my friend Marli.
  9. We had al lunch date with Daddy and in the mall the rose shop gave them free roses. They were thrilled!

We had some playdates at a fun play area called Curiosity (first four pictures). It's as close to a children's museum we've found in Doha with lots of fun sensory activities. The next three pictures are from Summer Entertainment City. We visited last summer when we visited Doha in July. They have all sort of small amusement park rides and play areas inside the convention center. It's massive! We spent all day here with friends and the dads joined us when they got off work. The last two pics are the girls painting some tiny unicorns we got through their Scholastic book order. They love painting!

We celebrated Independence Day with a dinner at Joe's Crab Shack with some of our closest Doha friends. It was fun to go out and celebrate with these families who have been super supportive in our move and transition to Doha. 

Tomorrow the girls and I fly out to America for a few weeks to visit friends and family in America!

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