Friday, May 24, 2019

Graduations in America

We were very thankful to be able to fly to the USA and attend two graduations in our family. The first was my dad was being ordained a permanent deacon in the Catholic church. The second was Jason's younger sister graduating from Baylor.

We took the non-stop flight into Chicago and thankfully the girls didn't have too much jet lag and recovered quickly. (I'm sure grandparent excitement helped!)

The graduation was Saturday and the girls did brilliant sitting through the entire ceremony. We had plenty of coloring, snacks, and activity books to keep them busy.

We had a few more days in Chicago with family and enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day with family, taking the girls to arcade/play area, and just catching up and relaxing at their home.

The next part of our trip took us to Waco. We spent the first afternoon walking around downtown and popping into shops along the way. We visited the INSERT NAME zoo the next day and also the Dr Pepper museum.

The forecast in Waco called for severe thunderstorms which thankfully started after the graduation ceremony and ended just slightly after the ceremony concluded. Talk about amazing timing! We headed to a celebration dinner with most of the attendees and the girls enjoyed splashing in puddles leftover from the rains.

Our last day we loaded up the vehicle and spent the last of our time with extended family at their farm just outside Waco. It was a huge reunion of family and we were thankful to be able to celebrate with everyone.

It's hard being absent from so many things that happen during the year as expats so the fact that we were able to join for the festivities meant a lot for us and for our family that appreciated the effort to attend.

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