Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Update

Our April kicked off with a trip to Jordan and didn’t slow down much from there. We surprised the girls upon arriving back in Doha with Grandma waiting for us. They were so excited to see her and spend the next week with her while they were still on school break. 

We had a fun week taking the girls to play areas and KidzMondo and just hanging with Grandma and enjoying the fun presents she brought for everyone. 

The next week the girls were back in school and Mom and I got to spend time together. We visited the National Library, the newly opened National Museum of History, attended Bible study together, and just spend time visiting. Of course I forgot to take any pictures of anything we did, but it was a lovely week together. We had some playdates with friends, gymnastics watch session for parents, and lots of playing after school.

We got to attend Easter service (on Good Friday) as a family and enjoyed a meal of cinnamon rolls and bacon afterwards while the girls opened their Easter basket goodies.

I was spoiled and got to leave the girls in the very-capable hands of Grandma and Daddy and take a trip to the Seychelles to meet up with my friend Chelsea coming from America. (Blog post to come!) While I was gone my amazing mom did school runs and enjoyed some one-on-one time with each girl keeping them home one day. I am so thankful for their support in me going on my trip and the time they got with Grandma while I was gone. 

After I arrived back in Doha at the end of April and had just one day with Grandma before we had to say a tearful goodbye to her. It’s so hard saying goodbye and we are incredibly grateful for her and her willingness to travel to see our family and love on us so well.

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