Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up: Beginning of October Fun

What's this? A third blog post in a week? Might be a new record. Definitely beats the past few months blogging statistics for sure... so we are already into the second week of October somehow and similar to September has flown by. The fact that Madi had two birthday parties and a day I pulled her from school to hang with me have made it fun and busy.

First up - these two. Olivia is taking her molars hard and Evelyn is just goofy. I love their different personalities and the fact that I get snuggles from at least one, sometimes both of them.

The teething has also come with sore behinds for both girls so we've been letting them run around naked... a lot. Fair warning for any friends popping over. And after baths they like to run around like this for awhile -

Our dear friend Kelly from Norway, who now lives back in Texas, had a friend coming to Baku and she loaded up the kind gentlemen with goodies for us, including the Candy Bandit. So much entertainment!

Madi attended a new friend from school's party this past week and I think it was a bad idea because the bar is set way high people. I had heard rumors of said "bubble man" and his fire bubbles and life size bubbles, but seeing him in person was pretty awesome. Madi had a blast and I might have gotten his number for a joint birthday party next summer...

I mentioned above that I kept Madi home from school on Friday. She transitioned to school smoothly, but then had about a week of crying some at drop-off. Jason and I decided that once a month I will keep her home and have a day that I spend with her. We started our day at the playground with all the girls. Here's a snippet of Instagram vs real life:

Instagram: two cuties walking together
Real life: A couple minutes after this was taken both girls fell and Madi burst into tears because Evelyn wasn't going the way Madi wanted to and Madi wanted to hold her hand. #instamakeslifelookperfect

After our fun at the playground Madi and I went to lunch together and then visited a huge Ferris wheel called the Baku Eye that's along the boulevard. We pass it everyday on the way to school and Madi always asks if she can go. She loved it and keeps asking when we can go back and bring Daddy and little sisters.

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