Monday, October 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: 15 Months

So it's a bit cray-cray over here with two toddlers running around, usually in opposite directions. Of course. They are both doing amazing and they have great personalities. They are still pretty easy-going and laid back with changes and outings, but are being a bit more of a handful and showing their strong wills when things don't go their way.

Both of the you are working on their molars and last time I checked Olivia has 9 teeth and Evelyn still had 8. But I haven't braved feeling their mouths and doing a closer inspection...because you bite. Hard. So I'll ask Jason to check tonight - ha!

You love jumping on the trampoline and running around being chased. We've had unusually warm weather still in Baku so we've been outdoors a lot playing in the backyard or at the playground. You  still love swings, slides, and have added climbing the stairs quite efficiently. Both of you are also pretty good at going down backwards, but still need to be watched.

Both of you are talking lots more and saying new sounds. Evy is saying "pass" for pacifier and we finally got Olivia to start saying "zozo" instead of "zaza" for the cats. Olivia also will babble on and on more than her sister with lots of different sounds, but still baby babble.

You still both love giving kisses and have started giving one another kisses at bedtime which is so adorable. We need to get it on video. You can also both blow kisses and love waving to people. Evy will also say "buh" for bye when she's waving.

The two of you have never really shown me a twin-bond different than just being siblings (and lately you are pushing one another out of my lap or screaming when I hold one of you and not the other - real fun). But a few days ago Olivia was crying and I asked her where panda was (her favorite stuffed animal). Evy was standing next to it and picked it up and carried it over to you. Talk about heart melt. It was absolutely precious!!

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