Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eight Year Anniversary

Today is our actual wedding anniversary, but we went out last Saturday night to celebrate. Our amazing nanny Meri watched the girls and we knew they were in good hands.

We headed downtown to the Hilton hotel and started the evening at the 360 Bar. It's a rotating bar so you get to see the landscape of downtown Baku from every angle. It was really neat to see! The drinks and appetizers were delicious.

Afterwards we headed down one floor to the Sky Cafe and enjoyed more delicious drinks and dinner outside. We got to see the sunset and the Flame Towers light up.

Once we were finished we just walked around the boulevard for a bit before heading back. It was wonderful to get to spend the evening with Jason and for us to have a chance to visit and re-connect without interruptions.

And to keep with our yearly anniversary picture here's a fabulous 2016 - 12 wonderful years together and 8 incredible and adventurous years as husband and wife. :-)

Previous anniversary celebrations: 2015  2014  2013  2012  2011

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