Monday, June 20, 2016

Madi: 3 Years

This is definitely a fun, but challenging age! The things you say Miss Madi are so darn cute and hilarious and surprising sometimes. We've also had some challenges with listening and tantrums, which I believe is referred to as "three-nager" ;-)

Here are some of the fun things we want to remember about you at this age:

- You can count to 30 and almost higher. You leave out a few numbers here and there, but are pretty good overall.
- You can recognize some letters and love singing the alphabet.
- We had limited books because of the move and so of the 10 or so books we kept, you have more than half of them memorized. It's so fun watching you "read" to us. You can recite Beach House, Little Quack Loves Colors, Little Quack ABC's, The Story of Moses, Are You Ready to Play Outside, and Where is the Green Sheep.

- You are learning to play independently very well and also using your imagination when playing with toys.
- You love helping Mommy in the kitchen and are starting to do more and more things to help  like cutting vegetables, basting meats and corn on the cob, stirring cake batter and cleaning up the spatulas ;-) to name a few.
- You continue to love on your baby sisters and play with them so well. It melts our hearts to see you interact with them!

- When you want to know what we are doing you say "What in you are doing?" and it's adorable.
- You sing lots of songs in Norwegian and we've tried to capture them on video (blog post to come!) so we can always remember them. We also still get "nei" more than we get "no". ;-)
- You love jumping - trampolines, sofas, beds - basically anything. You also love climbing!

- Your favorite foods are pizza, french fries, yogurt, chips, carrots, cucumbers, milk, and of course chocolate, ice cream, and buttercream icing.
- You love to dance... but if we try to dance without any music on you tell us "Stop, no. There's no music. You can't dance."
- You used to love Peppa Pig and have moved on to Mickey Mouse. And then out of no where you have become obsessed with princesses! You've only seen a couple of the Disney princess movies (Cinderella and Tangled), but you ask to wear princess dresses almost every day and wanted a princess party for your birthday.

Fun facts: you've lived in two countries, visited 15 countries, and been on 69 plane rides. That's quite the haul for your short three years! #expatkid

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