Friday, June 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: Eleven Months

These girls have changed a lot over the last month and had quite a few firsts (first time swimming, swinging, etc.). We've seen a huge change in Olivia - I don't know if it's an age development thing or a change in climate. She's been significantly more happy, more smiles, and tons more laughter. Baku warm weather = happy Liv!

- Both girls have popped their top teeth bringing the total to four (two bottom and two top).
- Liv has stood on her own for a few seconds multiple times, but no steps forward yet. Evy doesn't seem to have any interest standing on her own. Both move across things while standing though!
- Both girls, but mostly Evy, will crawl around with a toy hanging out of her mouth - so funny to watch.

- The weather has been too warm to sleep outside so we've transitioned to one nap in the early afternoon and moved to the crib. It was a surprisingly easy transition on both accounts.
- There is a playground very close to the house and both girls love to swing!
- Evy sticks her tongue out all. the. time. It's quite funny (except when you are in the middle of kissing her!)

- We've started taking wagon rides in the evenings and sometimes during the day. Both of you love that wagon and going around in it, especially Liv. She starts squealing and talking when we set her in.
- Evy loves to eat steak, chicken, pancakes, pouches, jelly bread, apples, and cheerios.
- Liv loves to eat bananas, apples, pancakes (without egg), pouches, apples, and cheerios.

- Both girls are talking so much and it's adorable! Liv can say the following sounds: mama, dada, gaga, baba, meow (sounds like she is meowing like a cat!). Evy smacks her lips a lot still and says the following sounds: mama, dada, baba, and squeals very loudly and somewhat obnoxiously.
- You both love bath time and very quickly took to swimming. We've only gone to the big pool at the compound once, but we have two smaller pools and you could spend hours sitting and splashing in them!
- Liv has started dancing. While she is standing up she'll start moving her hips and bouncing up and down. She's also started clapping and is so proud when she does!

Here's a couple videos of some Liv and Evy laughs! :-)

Evelyn Grace

Weight: 18.9 lbs
Height: 27.3 in
Head: 17.8 in

Olivia Ann

Weight: 17.6 lbs
Height: 26.3 in
Head: 18.4 in

And even though this one is blurry, I just love that you can see their laughter in it! :-)

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