Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowy Stavanger

Today was rainy. And overcast. And considerably warmer than it has been the past two weeks. Sigh. So it's only fitting that I sort through and reminisce about the unusual and blissful snow that we had here in Stavanger!

It normally does not snow here in Stavanger because of how close we are to the water. It will get to freezing, but not often and so when it has snowed in the past it was a light dusting that stayed for maybe 2-3 days.

So when it snowed a couple weeks ago and showed snow the rest of the week in the forecast, this Colorado girl got super happy! Here's some pictures of the beautiful snow we had here!

Here's a slo-mo video I took when it was really coming down with huge, beautiful snowflakes! :-)

I did panic a little bit and wonder if it was still okay for the babies to take their naps outside. I called the barnehage and asked them - phew - as long as it's 14 F they can sleep outside. ;-) So in wool and snowsuits they went!

We now return to you your regularly schedule dreary and dark rain... :-/

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