Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Word of the Year: Trust

So a lot of legitimate bloggers are picking words for the year - a word to focus on for the year or a theme for their lives for the year, etc. The idea intrigued me and got me thinking what I would pick for a word of the year. Quickly one word stood out to me and I knew it was what the Lord was calling me to focus on this year -

A lot of people have asked when we are moving, where we are moving, what job is Jason going to be doing, am I returning to work, etc. And the answer is... we have no idea.

We know that Jason's work contract is up this March and that his residence permit (along with the girls) is up before May. So we have to be out in that timeframe. Unfortunately it's not a good time in the oil industry and Jason's working with Baker to try and secure a job when we return. We are open to location... we just want him to have a job. I am currently on unpaid leave while we finish out our assignment. If we return to Houston there's a chance there won't be a job for me. I've stayed in communication with ConocoPhillips and we will just have to trust and see what happens.

So this year we are going to focus on trust - 

  • Trust that the job situation for both of us will work out - even if it's not in the way we expect or hope it would
  • Trust that He has a plan for us and will take care of us
  • Trust that the timing of everything will unfold in His time and not our own
  • Trust that wherever we end up we will make it a home

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