Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas! It really is so much more fun when there are littles. Obviously the twins couldn't participate in much of the gift opening, but big sister Madi had no problem "helping" them open their stash of presents. ;-)

We attended a wonderful, traditional Christmas Eve service with my mom, Jeff, and brother Justin. Madi held the candle during Silent Night amazingly, but unfortunately we didn't capture a picture of it. We also didn't capture a picture of her on stage with all the children pulling her dress completely up to her stomach. [Insert wide-eyed emoji here.] We did capture a couple family photos though after the service before we headed home for a delicious lobster dinner.

Christmas Day we spent watching Madi open and play with her presents, cuddling the babies, and getting in some time at the park since the weather was in the 60's! We had another delicious meal with Jason's favorite, honey-baked ham, and a very relaxing day.

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