Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chicago Bound!

On Nov 23rd, I flew from Norway to the US with the girls to visit my dad and his wife. Fortunately I have a sweet sweet friend Joy who booked her ticket to Illinois specifically to fly with me making an extra leg and tight connections for her. I was so grateful to have her help though for the flights! And darn it, I didn't take a single picture of her with the kiddos during our trip, but I did get a one of me and the girls cuddling.

My dad and Mary were incredible hosts. The trip took more out of me than I could have imagined and between jet lag, three littles not sleeping well in a new place, and not having Jason it was a rough start. I got a night away to myself to rest and it was greatly appreciated! I also got to have a night away with Madi, which we both enjoyed having some one-on-one time.

During our time in Chicago we got to attend a Christmas party at the arcade, have lunch at a restaurant where your meal is delivered on a train, go to the Children's Museum, and just spend time playing and enjoying Grandma and Papa!

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