Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Photo Catch-up

So.... my blogging has definitely decreased. However, I have three incredibly adorable excuses for that. And I am maintaining the twins' monthly updates, our trips, and throwing in a few weekly wrap-ups when I can so I'm pretty happy about that. I finally got around to cleaning up my iPhone and one of our cameras so here's the photo catch-up for the past few weeks. :-)

  1. I had an evening and day alone with the girls and they all did really well! Madi was adorable reading her baby sisters a book. 
  2. Tummy time.
  3. Checking out their cute selves in the mirror during tummy time.
  4. The temperatures have been fluctuating with some very cold and very sunny days. Since the girls are taking at least one nap outside in the stroller every day it was time to start bundling them up. 
  5. Evening walk with the family.
  6. Evelyn loves being on her tummy. :-)
  7. Madi hosted a tea party for some of her favorite stuffed animals.
  8. The twins looking at Daddy. 
  9. Madi sharing rattles with her baby sisters. She loves playing with them!

  1. Daddy on double duty.
  2. Madi in her pretty skirt, which she wore over her regular clothes for a couple of days after this picture was taken. ;-)
  3. Beautiful Olivia.
  4. Madi wanted to sit with Olivia and hold her hand while she started to fall asleep.
  5. I found matching hats for the girls and Madi loved hers. And proceeded to wear it around the house the rest of the day.
  6. Of course I had to see how they fit the twins. Evelyn didn't mind modeling for me. 
I also was able to get some adorable video of Madi sharing cheese and watermelon with Olivia... adn we learned Olivia does not like watermelon. ;-)

And I captured some video of both precious girls talking. It's amazing to think that all-too-quickly they will be talking like their big sister!

Earlier this week the twins went out in public so I decided to actually dress them. (If you haven't noticed they are usually wearing pajamas, sans bows, because unless we are going out or someone is coming over, I don't bother dressing them. #secondandthirdkidproblems) And since they were in real clothes, I decided that meant time for a mini photo shoot of these Super Cute and So Sweet baby girls. 

This weekend we decided to visit the pumpkin patch nearby. The pickin's were slim, but we got a few small ones for decorations around the house and attempted a few family photos. We've got quite the challenge ahead of us to get good ones, but these aren't bad! At least all of us who know to look at the camera and smile are doing that!

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