Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Girl Fun and Downtown Fun

First accomplishment of the weekend... surviving! (I consider this a success at almost 32 weeks pregnant with twins!) When Jason decided to go on the Men's Retreat with our church this weekend, I knew I would need extra patience and energy to handle little Miss Madi. Fortunately, the Lord provided both and we had a fabulous time together!

Friday night is our traditional pizza night and we headed out to our favorite pizza place, Al Forno, and met up with Kirsten. We enjoyed delicious pizza and had a special treat of ice cream afterwards. 

Speaking of ice cream... one of Madi's favorite teachers sent us these priceless pictures from school. There were two birthdays this past week meaning that the kiddos got ice cream on two different days. Madi learned to drink her bowl from Daddy. ;-)

Back to our girl's weekend... there were lots of snuggles and movies. :-)

And since the weather Saturday afternoon was tolerable, we headed to the beach to build a sand castle!

Sunday afternoon we got Daddy back before heading to our church's evening service. Monday was a holiday here in Norway so we got to spend the day together playing. We headed to Mosvatnet to feed the ducks before heading downtown to play and have a coffee date. 

We ended the weekend by cruelly forcing our trouble cat to stay indoors while Madi and I watched Daddy mow the lawn. 

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