Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Madi: 23 Months

Oh my Miss Madi! You are just all sorts of grown up these days (or at least think you are). It makes us smile and it makes us a little sad thinking about how quickly the time has flown by and that next month you will be turning two! You are going to be an amazing big sister and such a good little helper with the babies. :-)

Here are some special memories / milestones from this month -

- You finally have all four molars! You've had the bottom two and top right for awhile, but that darn top left side just seemed to take for-e-ver to come in. It's there now and we are glad to be done with teething for a little bit (until your sisters arrive!).
- We have magnetic locks on our cabinets and drawers in the kitchen where you have to hold a white magnet in front of a specific spot to pull open the cabinet or drawer. The other day you were playing in your kitchen and you took a white magnet from your fridge, held it over the handle to your fridge, and said "unlock" and pulled it open... so you have figured out the general idea of how to unlock the cabinets. Oh my word!
- You have all of a sudden taken a new interest in books again. You used to love to read, then for a long time (the past six or seven months) haven't wanted to sit read anything or be read to. That's all changed again and you are asking "one more story" before bed each night, asking for your devotional book regularly, and saying "amen" at the end of most books (like we do after the prayer in your devotional). It's precious and I am glad you are liking books again! Although to be honest, it would have been nicer to have the interest back during the rainy spring rather than the sunny summer. ;-)

- You have started "reading" letters (particularly your name) by saying "M", "D", "S" in that order. We've gone through the alphabet a few times, but you seem to love those letters the best.
- Your jumping and hopping skills have taken off and you are regularly getting off the ground! You are also climbing rope ladders with just Mommy and Daddy spotting you and it's amazing to see you good you are at climbing! (And to be honest, a little scary too since I know you will be instilling your knowledge onto your sisters!)
- You love jumping on the bed (our bed) holding our hands or just jumping on your own and landing on your bum. We all sit there laughing and tickling and it's one of our favorite things to do with you.
- You've been running for awhile, but are getting so fast! You often ask Daddy to run and chase you or have you chase him. We joke that we are going to have to get into shape soon to handle you!

- You have mastered counting 1-10.... with all the numbers! Yay! :-)
- You have been sitting on the potty almost every night before bed the past couple of weeks. We ask if you want to sit on it and try to go pee and if you say "no", then we skip it. Otherwise we will sit there with you and read the potty book 2-3 times. You still haven't gone in the potty and we aren't going to try pushing anything. We think it's great that you are even willing to sit on there at this point!
- You have a new favorite food... frozen carrots! So weird!!
- You have started singing and dancing so much more! And now your singing is somewhat discernible. ;-) I asked at barnehage if there was a song about a lamb because every time you would hold your sheep stuffed animal you were singing something distinct. They said one of the songs they often sing is "Bæ bæ lille lam" and we finally caught you on video singing it!

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