Thursday, April 24, 2014

Madi's First Easter

Madi's first Easter was a bit spread out over a few different days. She had her first Easter egg hunt at the end of March with the COP Spouse's Group. Then we knew we would be leaving for the cruise and didn't want to haul with us her Easter "basket" so we let her open it the day before we left.

Just to be clear - there aren't Easter baskets here in Norway. Instead they have these cardboard eggs in different sizes. They open up and can be filled with goodies and pretty neat! You can get really big ones, but we opted for a smaller one and I used a tin and chalkboard paint to write God Påske and Happy Easter on it.

She loved shaking the egg and then was super excited when she realized she "cracked" it open and there were goodies inside. :-)

Fast forward to the actual day of Easter and she met the Easter bunny on the cruise ship! And was too distracted by everyone admiring her and vying for her attention to look at Daddy for the picture...

Same story at dinner with the ice Easter bunny...

However, we were able to get a few family photos from the ship's photographers. :-)

                                                     Happy Easter! God Påske!

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