Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Madi: Ten Months

This month's pictures are a little different since you turned ten months on our cruise around Greece! We brought your onesie and took pictures with the ship's photographers. You were a good sport, but not really in a picture-taking mood. We got some cute shots still though! :-)

- You love looking at pictures! We walk you around the house looking at them and it was a favorite activity on the cruise as well.
- Pulling all the books off your shelves in your playrooms is a must!
- We have some hilarious pictures of you pointing. You point at people, pictures, everything! It's adorable. And your new favorite thing to do.

- You have started giving kisses and I must say little missy, it melts my heart! You give them to Mommy, Daddy, your gund kitten, little duck, and other toys! We caught a cute video if you giving Daddy one.

- You still haven't taken steps, but you keep standing in your own more and more. We've tried calling you to get you to tame steps to us and you just smile and get down and crawl. You have come very close though a couple times and sort of fallen forward to us.
- New sounds/words: "I" " I do" "mom" (yay, finally!!) "woah" "mmm" and growls.
- You can wave, but don't seem to know its what you are doing. You're also still good at giving high fives!
- You have started splashing thanks to swim lessons. Bath time is now a group activity since Mommy and Daddy get wet also. You splashed in the pool on the cruise ship and had a blast!

- You had fun playing peek-a-boo with everyone on the cruise and in the mirror in our room. It was the perfect height for you to move up and down playing peek-a-boo by yourself. Just give you a chair and you'll do squats playing with anyone who comes along!
- You continue to love kittens and pointed and got excited at seeing all the stray cats all around Greece. And one kitten has become really special. Grandma got you a super soft Gund kitten that has become a favorite toy this month. You give kitten kisses and snuggle with him every night.

- No. You've become quite familiar with this word this month. Whether it's grabbing Mommy's necklace or something around the house that you aren't supposed to touch, you are being told "no" and you are not a fan. You definitely understand because you look at us and have started either screaming or, the best yet, making the world's saddest and cutest pouty face ever. We almost started laughing it was so darn adorable! You just stuck your bottom lip out and looked at us with the biggest eyes ever. Uh-oh.

Miss Madi,

You are such an amazing girl and had your 18th flight this month on our way to Italy to catch our cruise. We had a blast on our cruise around Greece with you and you were such a little ham! You ate up all the attention you got from the staff and the cruisers. Anytime you were fussy we could take you up to the pool or dining hall and like magic you were happy and talking people watching and getting attention. I think we are going to have our hands full with you, little flirt! Everyone commented on what a happy and beautiful girl you are and how smart you are. I don't know how people can tell, but everyone seems to pinpoint it right away! Thank you for being so wonderful and blessing us!


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