Friday, May 3, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

Last week was our final lesson in the 10-week Beth Moore study we've been doing on Paul. There was some discussion about possibly postponing our final lesson to this week because one of the ladies couldn't attend. I was in favor of that plan as well because we had stuff going on every night last week (including the birth course that weekend) and I was physically exhausted.

When the decision was made to still review the lesson last week I literally cried to Jason that I was tired and didn't understand why it couldn't be moved to this week when everyone had said that they were fine moving it. Little did I know I would find this week why we still had the final lesson the previous week (and then feel a little sheepish for getting so upset)...

...the ladies in my Bible study threw me a surprise baby shower!! I am still in awe and amazement at the love and support we have received by everyone around us. Madison is one lucky little gal who a lot of people are looking forward to meeting!

The ladies had some delicous food prepared and some amazing desserts! I'm a sucker for buttercream icing. Mmmm. :-)

A baby "shower" (see the big shower head cupcake). So creative!
Madison cake pops - sooo delicious!
They also made a gorgeous diaper cake with toys, book, and clothes tied around the edges.

What an amazing group of ladies!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful surprise and amazing gifts!!

Lisa, Kemi, Betthilde, me, Shaina, Deepa

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