Monday, December 17, 2012

Loving the Stavanger Snow!

When it first snowed a couple weeks ago, every warned us that it was highly unusual to get snow and that it wouldn't last. Four days later we'd had freezing or below temperatures and the snow was staying put.

Here is the view from my window to the parking lot and the water behind it -

Jason got a great shot of the Baker Hughes parking lot with the freshly powdered cars -

When we drove down to the Egersund Christmas markets that next weekend, we enjoyed seeing the snow around us.

This past week we had two blizzard-like days of snow on Wednesday and Thursday. I told a coworker that there was a small part of me hoping for work to be cancelled. They looked at me like I has spoken Greek. They have never had a day where the office closed due to weather. I find this to be incredibly ironic since we had two snow days in Houston over the past four years and none of them actually involved it snowing!

Wednesday night we opted to take the train into Sandnes rather than driving and facing the traffic and weather conditions. We trudged through the snow to a delicious Indian restaurant recommended by one of my coworkers Hildegunn who lives in the area.

Amazing soup warmed us all up and afterwards we enjoyed our family-style dishes. In retrospect we shouldn't have ordered one dish per person because we were not able to even come close to finishing everything!

We skipped dessert and made our way to the Sandnes Kulturhus, where we had tickets to see The Nutcracker. It was quite different than the big production in Houston with a full orchestra and highly renowned dancers, but we still enjoyed the experience and the company with our friends.

After the show it was of course still snowing so we took advantage of the time before our next train to play in the snow!

Girl shots!

And my favorite - my and my amazing hubby!

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