Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 16

I figured I'd take a quick minute to update on our 16 week pregnancy post. We are currently in ireland staying at the oldest castle in the country, Ashford Castle and its beautiful!! Pics to come of course! :-)

Here I am in front of one of the six fireplaces we've already counted...

How far along: 16 weeks, 1 day
Size of Baby S: 4.5 in, 3.5 oz
Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Avocado
Sleep: Pretty good! Who wouldn't sleep good in a castle?!
Movement: Nothing yet...but according to the pregnancy book I'm reading right now, it won't be too long!
Unglamorous body changes: not showing much still and just look like I have a muffin top right now... :-/
Maternity Clothes? Nope.
Showing: I can definitely see and feel the bump, but it doesn't look like much through clothes.
Food cravings: I wasn't craving anything, but when I saw these in a random market I had to have them...don't ask how much I paid! I'm embarrassed to admit it.

What I miss: Queso blanco from Escalante's in Houston. Jason and I started making a list of places to eat when we are stateside in March and it made me crave Mexican food!
Anything making you queasy: Nope.
Strange experiences: I am noticing the shortness of breath that the baby books mentioned, especially since we are walking around so much!
Milestones: Scalp is developing! I wonder if we have a baby boy if he will have the same distinct hairline that Jason and his dad share. :-)
Best moment this week: Too tough to make that call on vacation but getting this ornament and these little booties is definitely up there...

Looking forward to: Starting to show and going back to the hospital Jan 16 for the gender reveal!

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