Saturday, October 22, 2011

We've Converted to Apple...Not Sure How That Happened...

As I sit here and type this post it's on a new computer - a new iMac computer to be exact. I have always been a Windows user. I love my pink Sony laptop, but it's starting to be outdated (or maybe even ancient since it's from college almost four years ago...). Anywho - I swore when I met Jason (an avid Apple user) that I would not be an Apple user ever. (Sometimes I just pick things to be stubborn about for no reason in particular - this is one of those examples.)

So how did I end up typing on this new computer you say? I don't know. First it started with an iPhone. Our contract was up almost two years ago and we were weighing the choice between a Blackberry and a iPhone. Financially, it made sense to go with w Blackberry - a small fraction of the cost of iPhones (even just the 3G at the time). I left the decision to Jason and we went with iPhones. I've loved using it, but it knows I'm a Windows user and hates me. Yes, the inatimate object hates me. I even took my iPhone 3G to the Apple store where they could find nothing wrong with it, but admitted it wasn't working and gave me a free iPhone 3Gs. Talk about great customer service!

The iPhone was the beginning... then came the iPad. A cool toy that we could use to read books with multiple apps (Nook, Kindle, etc.) and take with us easier than a laptop. I was sold when I played with one. And I LOVE it!

Then came the computer... since both our laptops are being outdated and as a student Jason gets a discount with Apple, he somehow convinced me that we should look into a new family computer investment before he graduated. I agreed to go and look at them. Next thing I know Jason's saying, "Yep, we'll take this one. And go ahead and throw on Apple TV while you're at it." Um, what? "It's okay, it's good Darcy - [to the cashier] yes, go ahead and add it." He's sneaky! ":-)

I jumped on board when I discovered that we could maximize our discounts by using my ConocoPhillips discount on the computer itself (lower price than the student discount) AND use Jason's student discount on the Apple Protection Plan (since my corporate discount does not work for that). Double savings?!? Heck yes!

And so here I sit having watched numerous videos on how to use an Apple, after having a close friend sit down with me and show both Jason and I some extensive features on connecting our iPad, iPhone, iMac, and Apple TV together. And I love it! I'm sold! Yet still confused how just five years later Jason got his way without ever actually arguing with me about converting to an Apple, he's good. ;-)

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