Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Party!

It was our rotation to host the Sizzlin' Saturday gathering for the month of October and naturally, we made it a Halloween costume party! It inconveniently took place the night before the half marathon, but since most of our friends have little ones, making a 9:00 pm stop time wasn't an issue and I had everything ready to go for the next day so I went straight to bed!

We did a Mexican fiesta theme for the food - easy, do-it-yourself fajitas and yummy homemade salsa from a good friend at work. We prepped the meats by making a tasty marinade recipe we found here

Jason grilled the delicious chicken, shrimp, and beef for us!

Here are some pictures of the setup and our Halloween decorations. Naturally, all of the decorations had to be purchased the past few weeks because I owned NOTHING Halloween!
Party time!
And a cute shot of the little ones! Aren't they adorable!? (*Note this is the most kids that will ever grace that sofa at one time...)
And of course Jason and I didn't get a picture together with our costumes. That's okay though - we recycled it from three years ago. It still works just as well. ;-)

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