Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two Shall Become One

The Proposal: September 14, 2007

During my senior year of college Jason and I dated long-distance. We had plans to see one another in October when we were making a trip to Las Vegas during my fall break. I anticipated him taking the opportunity to surprise me with a proposal – I mean what an opportunity, right? Jason has always been great at planning things – I just hate surprises and am very resourceful at figuring out those surprises ahead of time to his dismay.

One Friday afternoon I was lounging with a sorority sister at the infamous Coors Brewery when Jason called and inquired to my whereabouts. I explained that we were drinking delicious brews and then getting our nails done before my softball game (in retrospect this really didn’t make sense…). As we finished getting our nails done he called again – what was his deal?!? The fleeting thought of him proposing crossed my mind… No way, I thought. He couldn’t pull it off.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the sorority house my phone conversation with Jason went something like this…

Jason: Are you at the house yet?
Darcy: Almost. Why?
Jason: Because I think you have a package.
Darcy: Really?!? [insert Darcy bounding inside the house to the community mailboxes]  Are you sure? I don’t see anything.
Jason: No, I think the package is still outside.
Darcy: Fine. [insert Darcy bounding back outside and looking in the milk box where the postman usually puts our mail] There is nothing here.
Jason [slightly exasperated at this point]: Look up Darcy!

As I looked up I saw Jason looking incredibly handsome in his suit and carrying a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Inside the sorority house we were having an open recruitment event and one of my sisters questioned out loud “Why is Jason here? In a suit…? With a dozen roses?!?” 15 giddy girlfriends ran to the window causing my dear sweet man to start shaking at his unexpected audience. Add to that my mom had just arrived at the sorority house to bring me my softball equipment from home and it was quite the show!

Jason got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and become Mrs. Stingerie. After lots of tears, kisses, and hugs from my mom and my sorority sisters Jason and I headed to dinner at Briarwood, a fabulous little gem in Golden. We had dinner with Jason’s family and my mom the following night and celebrated our engagement and enjoyed one another’s company before Jason headed back to Houston.

Needless to say, I did not make it to my softball game that night and couldn’t have been any happier that I had just gotten a manicure!!

The Wedding: August 16, 2008

I took the summer off after graduating so I could finish planning our perfect day. And plan I did!  Anyone that knows me will vouch that I am ridiculously organized and had my wedding planned to the most minute details. After sending out a spreadsheet with a timeline, color-coded for all wedding parties, I am amazed I still have friends that talk to me. I was ready for this wedding! Or so I thought... the Lord decided to use this prime opportunity to remind me that I cannot control everything. What was I powerless over? That's right - the weather. Record lows that day and it was pouring when I woke up the morning of my wedding (not to mention there was a hurricane in the gulf threatening our Caribbean cruise!). Granted I had an indoor safety plan, but no intention of using it mid-August in Colorado!

By the time our ceremony time came around it was still lightly sprinkling. We made the executive decision to move forward with a wedding in the rain! (The pictures of umbrellas amongst are guests are evidence that we are crazy!) Not a single person complained to me. After the ceremony we blow dried my face and headed right back outside for group pictures on the beautiful Red Rocks in Morrison. (The haze made for fabulous pictures too!)

It was a magical day and I wouldn't change it for anything! We made it to Galveston early the next day and got onto the cruise ship (almost) without a hitch and had the time of our lives in Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica with one very important lesson learned - if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans for your life. Very fitting.

The Honeymoon: August 17-24, 2008

Jason and I decided to take a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. The cruise was leaving from Galveston on Sunday, August 17. Needless to say it was a long night since our flight from Denver to Houston left at 6 am that morning! We arrived in Houston on-time and planned to go straight to Galveston to board the ship. Planned....what's the most important thing to remember for your honeymoon (besides your passport)? That's right - birth control. And mine was 1000 miles away in my leftover wedding bags.

I called my doctor's office and explained the critical situation and asked about calling in a prescription immediately for me. She responded that it would be impossible as they only contact the doctor on weekends for life or death situations. I was met with a dial tone when I retorted "This IS a life or death situation! I will be CREATING life if you do not help me!" We drove straight to Galveston and (im)patiently waited until at a CVS pharmacy until 12:00 pm Central time (11:00 am Mountain time  when the pharmacy in Colorado opened and could transfer the prescription. I snapped for the pharmicist to give me ANY brand of birth control when she started to tell me they did not carry my current type... I was a tad on edge.

Fortunately we made the cruise ship prior to the boarding deadline and were off to paradise! We visited Jamaica and rode a bob sled and hiked the DunnsRiver Falls. In Grand Cayman we visited the turtle hatchery, Hell, and swam with sting rays. Finally in Cozumel we snorkeled and went ATVing across the beach. I can honestly say that it was the one and only time in my life thus far that I have truly been carefree. No work, no house, no wedding planning, nothing. It was absolutely divine!

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