Saturday, July 2, 2011

Honeymoon Part 1

We decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon and it could not have been more perfect for two people with personalities like us! Jason and I are both from Colorado. Land-locked Colorado. We are not beach people by any means and after 10 min of laying in the sun we are burnt and miserable. Not our idea of a vacation! We are very active and like to be doing something constantly (hence the blog name…) so the idea of a cruise was very appealing. We would see different places, but not have to worry about transportation to them. We had excursions we could go on and time to relax and gamble (bingo and slots!) on the boat.

We chose a Western Caribbean cruise because it was an easy port (Galveston) and coincided with our wedding date (fingers crossed that it was hurricane season… I mean, honestly, why in the world would I, being in Colorado during the planning, have thought to factor that variable in?!?). We opted to book a 7-day cruise instead of a 5-day cruise which meant a bright and early flight the morning after our wedding.

We splurged and booked a balcony room for the cruise. Every day after the cleaning crew came we had a new friend created from our towels! The ship was wonderful and we enjoyed its many activities – swimming, miniature golf, bingo, slots, dancing. We got to meet the captain and had the most wonderful waiter during our stay. The wait staff found out we were on our honeymoon and sang “Happy Honeymoon” (think Happy Birthday tune) to us the night before the cruise ended.

Excursion #1 – Montego Bay, Jamaica

The first stop on the cruise was Montego Bay. We choose to do the bob sled and Dunns River Falls Hike (see, no relaxing!) The bob sleds were wonderful and the hike was amazing! The falls are absolutely gorgeous and a must-do for anyone visit Jamaica!

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