Monday, January 3, 2022

Snow in Switzerland

We flew into Zurich to start our Switzerland road trip. We stayed in Lucerne (but visited Zurich) and then made our way west to Basel. We also had a day trip to Titlis for some fun in the snow. Each city was special and we had a fantastic time in all of them!


We were worried about the Christmas Markets in Zurich closing due to a rise in covid cases so we re arranged our days a bit and took the train up to see the famous Swarovski tree. We enjoyed hot chocolate (and gluwein) along with some delicious food.

Once we realized the Lindt chocolate factory was n Zurich it became a must-do on our list. So much chocolate and the girls loved the tasting, the scavenger hunt, and the history of chocolate. 


This was my second time in Lucerne, but everyone else's first so we hit up all the traditional tourist spots (the bridge, the lion, etc.) We also enjoyed the markets, ice skating together, and of course more hot chocolate. 😊


Just a day trip away from Lucerne was Titlis. We opted not to ski, but enjoyed sledding, ice caves, and playing in the snow together. The suspension bridge was cool and everyone enjoyed the gondola ride up the mountain!


Basel ended up being one of our favorite cities! A couple days before we left for our trip someone recommended the paper museum in Basel. It was spectacular! We spent hours there and could have stayed longer. The girls made their own paper, stamped letters closed with wax, and wrote their names on metal stamps with ink like old newspapers. We also visited the toy museum, markets, and the zoo!

Next we headed in the car to Germany to visit friends on base there!

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