Thursday, September 30, 2021

September Summary

 We returned back to Doha after an amazing summer in the US to begin our ten day home quarantine with the girls. Thankfully they were able to do school online (they were hybrid 50/50 attendance so they just join online the whole time) It definitely helped pass the time and the jet lag!

  1. The biggest and hardest things when we came back was the cats. This is the longest we've been away from them and we immediately could tell something was wrong with Zoey. I made an appointment for the vet where she ended being diagnosed with diabetes and staying over the weekend in order to get her glucose levels stabilized. Thankfully she's home now and doing good!
  2. Jet lag, hahaha. And sister sleepovers.
  3. Snuggling with Zoey after she was home safely. 
  4. CeCe "helping" with their lego. 
  5. The girls received this big lego from Grandma and didn't have time to build it before we left. That ended up being a blessing as it helped occupy them during the home quarantine.
  6. Delicious cauliflower soup and homemade garlic cheese bread.
  7. Family games - we got some new ones and love them!!
  8. More family games.
  9. And some Nintendo as well to help pass the time. 😂

We also brought back a crystal growing kit that the girls had a blast making and watching!

  1. CeCe snuggles on Madi's bed.
  2. More family games 😂 - this one became a fav quickly (Catan Jr)
  3. Once the girls were free we headed to the movies!
  4. Culture dress day at school - we had a cowgirl and a gymnast. 
  5. Delicious charcuterie board for a friend's birthday.
  6. The cats wanting to go SUP with me. 
  7. Hitting the water to SUP with friends instead 
  8. So thankful to have water nearby to get outside!
  9. Taco night!

We had a lot of fun in September with friends and birthdays and a feelings of normalcy after COVID with starting up in person (and hopefully 100% soon!). 

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