Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Colorado Summer Fun

We started our summer in Houston and then flew up to Colorado and Oklahoma before heading back down to finish the summer in Houston. The trips were a nice break from the work we were doing in Houston on the house and the weather was a nice break from the Middle East heat and Houston heat we'd experienced for a good long while! Plus the mountains 😍

We got a chance to catch up with family and friends across the state as well as explore some new areas with the girls. We drove through Golden on our way north and got a chance to show them our university and where we met. 

We made our way south for the majority of our time in Colorado. We spent a day in Manitou Springs checking out the caves and the fun penny arcade (naturally a quarter now). 

We spent lots of time at the park learning a new sport called pickle ball with their aunt and her boyfriend. Even though our time went quickly we packed a lot in and are thankful for everyone who made time to see us!

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