Monday, June 28, 2021

Ice Cream Extravaganza! 🍦


We were so thankful to be able to celebrate our summer birthdays in-person with friends before school ended! The logistics were a bit challenging with current restrictions so we had three smaller parties for the girls with their different sets of friends. It was a bit of extra work for us, but not as bad as anticipated. 

We chose an ice cream theme this year and it was the perfect way to cool down in the Doha desert heat! We had a full ice cream bar with cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. Party activities included pin the cherry on the ice cream, ice cream bingo, pass the parcel, a piñata, and the most fun - making their own ice cream in mason jars!

I love how everything turned out and being able to celebrate these girls turning 8 and 6!

The setup and decor! I have been randomly purchasing things over the past few months whenever I saw them - unsure if we would even be able to have a party. I am amazed how everything fit together in the end!

These girls have some amazing friends! 😍

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