Monday, November 30, 2020

November Notes

 November was a pretty jam-packed month for us, but with lots of fun things. We hosted the girls small {make-up} Frozen 2 party for the girls' summer birthdays, celebrated my birthday, and also co-hosted Thanksgiving with a few families. We also did some more exploring inside Doha and lots of outdoor fun!

  1. Madi's dress up day at school!
  2. The twins' dress up day at school and of course they picked Elsa and Anna. 😊
  3. For the first time since March, all three girls went to school together. Jason and I celebrated with a breakfast date at Marsakatara!
  4. The delicious spread of food and drinks. 😋
  5. My forever date. ❤️
  6. Cece having a rough day. 
  7. The twins tackling the Frozen 2 castle we got them for their birthday.
  8. Our neighbors were moving and gave us this trampoline - score!
  9. My first adult coffee date with a friends since probably February, haha.

One Saturday morning we had free we decided to visit the Museum of Illusions. We took the metro downtown and got to the museum right when it opened. They allowed you to take off masks for pictures and the staff walked us through all of the exhibits taking pictures for us and explaining to the girls what each display was showing. The girls had an absolute ball and were amazed at the illusions! I would highly recommend visiting if you are in Doha. 

  1. Evelyn enjoying a playdate with her school buddies (most of whom also live in our compound!).
  2. Sisters make the best friends. 🦄
  3. We headed up north to visit the Al Khor Park, a small zoo and outdoor park. The girls enjoyed seeing the animals. 
  4. The girls with their Daddy. 😍
  5. Hanging upside down during a break on the bicycle track that goes around one of the malls here.
  6. New cup with handmade resin coaster. No drama llama.
  7. Jason built a fire pit this summer and we have loved using it as the weather has started cooling down. 
  8. S'more time!
  9. They are basically pros at this point and we were fortunate that one of our pilot friends gifted us some American graham crackers and marshmallows. 

The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up the car and headed to the Inland Sea for a night of camping. We had a good flat spot on a dune, but it was a bit crowded and ended up being quite windy during the evening. We didn't sleep super great and were woken just before sunrise when some other campers walked by our tent playing music, but we got a beautiful sunrise viewing afterwards before packing up to head home. 

It's been a November full of some wonderful things and lots to be thankful for in our lives. We are looking forward to December and more time outdoors together as a family. 

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