Monday, August 31, 2020

August Update

The majority of the month of August was spent mostly outdoors (despite the humidity and 100+ F heat) enjoying the water at the beaches and our pool plus the sand and some water sports. However we did also have some fun with family sleepovers, house updates, and also celebrated our 12th anniversary!

  1. We can successfully fit five kids in one bedroom for their first sleepovers. It's been a favorite this summer to do family sleepovers and made for a great Eid break since we couldn't travel. 
  2. While the kids slept, the parents played games. 😉
  3. Jason's pretty much perfected his pizza game and we've enjoyed Friday night pizza most of the summer.
  4. We baked name cookies and got to decorating them with our friends!
  5. The final products. 😍
  6. Decorating fun!
  7. CeCe refusing to give me any time alone.
  8. Zoey enjoying some time on the balcony.
  9. Family game night with Monopoly Junior. 

  1. Pool ready with their sunglasses and swim bags!
  2. Olivia enjoying the diving board.
  3. Madison running and jumping off!
  4. Evelyn ready to make a splash.
  5. We brought the GoPro to the pool and captured some fun shots (and video, see below).
  6. Underwater Madi
  7. Enjoying the unicorn float
  8. We've loved going to the pool with our neighbors!
  9. Living my best life with an iced coffee and adult float. 

  1. Evy holding a turtle - one of her favorite animals! They allowed a certain number of people to attend the turtle hatching this year and we were fortunate enough to snag tickets. The weather moved the season up and so we went on the last night, but were thankful to still see some turtles.
  2. Madi holding a turtle.
  3. Liv with her turtle. 
  4. We decided to add fake grass to our upstairs balcony for a hang out when the weather cools down.
  5. The best tie dye shirts made especially for them by our Baku friend Emma
  6. Jason built an awesome fire pit in the backyard!
  7. Delicious breakfast tacos!
  8. My first girls night out for curry and a lovely catch up. 
  9. Jason bought a truck 😁

So much beach and water fun outdoors with friends! The girls tried tubing and kneeboarding and I tried wakeboarding for the first time and didn't do too bad (the video below is from my third ride and I was able to get up only second attempt). We have been thankful the beaches opened back up in July to allow us to spend time enjoying sunsets and sand all month long. 😊

It's crazy to think we start school tomorrow as the summer has flown by quickly in some respects, and slowly in others. We never imagined spending a summer in Qatar, but have been very thankful for the time as a family, time with friends, and lots of adventures together still and enjoying the beauty in this country. 

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