Friday, July 31, 2020

July Happenings

We kicked off the month of July with a fun Fourth of July celebration and also celebrated our favorite twins turn FIVE! We've spent a good amount of time at the beach. The rest of the month was filled with staying busy, indoors and outdoors, with different activities!

  1. Since our compound pool was still closed we finally caved and bought this pool second hand for the girl to have some water fun!
  2. Afterwards homemade popsicles (I blended strawberries, greek yogurt, and added little honey for sweetener and they loved them.)
  3. Some DIY - I painted a dresser to convert to a side table and also this kids vanity we got for free. 
  4. The new arm - temp checks at the museum.
  5. The fire station museum had a Picasso exhibit and since the twins did a big art unit in school and learned about him we decided to check it out. 
  6. We were able to participate in online VBS with our church back in Houston and were so thankful!
  7. CeCe relaxing on the new sofa. 
  8. Zoey interfering with a game of Uno Attack by laying on the discard pile.
  9. The cheese fiend in her element making nachos. 

  1. We dragged the kids and our friends out early one morning to bike the Lusail boulevard. It was super humid, 😓 
  2. Thankfully they had the sprinklers going and these two jumped in to cool off.
  3. Afterwards our friends came over for a movie and playdate.
  4. Delicious blueberry muffins for everyone!
  5. The girls new favorite game - Spot It!
  6. CeCe helping Madi build her circuits (highly recommend this toy, which we love!)
  7. Zoey escaping the chaos by jumping on top of the cabinet 🙄 
  8. Olivia with her birthday gift Lego she built by herself!
  9. Evelyn with her birthday gift Lego set she built by herself!

The other things we decided to do this month to mix things up was have a family sleepover with our good friends. The kids were so excited and the adults stayed up playing card games and visiting!

  1. Madi has been doing virtual ballet and loving it!
  2. We were surprised with a gift bag from some sweet friends who we also "miss berry much" 😊 
  3. Chocolate chip scones for a Saturday morning snack.
  4. Gaming with a cocktail after bedtime.
  5. The girls have also been doing Generation Pound classes and one them!
  6. Madi has been begging me to show her how to sew and she helped fix some toys and clothes that I've been meaning to get around to fixing for awhile.
  7. Jason upped our pizza game with this new pizza oven!
  8. Mad had a lovely catch up with one of her Baku besties.
  9. New level of quarantine - movie in the pool  😂 

The girls have been practicing their tricks with Zoey!

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