Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter 2020

The girls were on school break the week before Easter and we took advantage of that to do some fun Easter activities throughout the week.

We started with some chalk art in front of our house. I've seen so many people back in the States making similar as a quarantine activity so now I feel like we've joined the club, haha.

Later in the week we made Easter cookies using our favorite sugar cookie recipe with this icing. They were delicious and fun to decorate!

Later in the week we saw a door art project that I braved and love how it turned out. (And since our half art had gotten washes away at that point it was a fun second project).

The girls stuffed Easter eggs for a few of their friends and we dropped off a bag to them for their Easter celebration.

On Good Friday, the girls colored these crosses while watching the Veggie Tales Easter story and we listened to our local church's sermon.

Since Easter is on Sunday and that was the girls' first day back to school and Jason had work we decided to do our Easter celebration on Saturday.

The girls woke up to their Easter baskets and then had a fun egg hunt in the backyard.

We let them pick their dresses and took pictures before making a delicious Easter meal to celebrate the gift of the Resurrection.

We hope you had a wonderful Easter from our family to yours!

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