Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Start of December

December was quite busy with lots of events, some illness, and a hospital visit thrown in there. We started the month with Madison getting sick first, then Evelyn (who got it the worst), and Olivia scraping by with just a slight fever (so that as a win at least).

  1. Madi starting the weekend off being ill.
  2. Evy joining her the following Sunday.
  3. A cultural introduction - french fries dipped in frosty at the newly-opened Wendy's here.
  4. Our typical illness activity - painting!
  5. The girls' finished trees. 
  6. CeCe cat stare down.
  7. Sooooo tall!
  8. Thankfully everyone was better for their Awana Christmas program singing. The Cubbies class sang Jesus Loves the Little Children.
  9. And the Sparks 1 class sang The Happiest Christmas Tree

We started getting into the spirit of December by decorating the house! I just love this nativity set we purchased in Bethlehem this past May on our trip to Israel.

Our school hosted Parent's Night and we got a chance to spend individual time with each girl and have them show us the materials they like to work with during their day. 
  1. Evelyn showing us transferring water. 
  2. Olivia showing us how to use a screw driver.
  3. Madison showing us how to sort cubes back in a specific order to fit in the box.
  4. The girls got to see a friend's mom perform in the pantomime of Beauty and the Beast.
  5. And afterwards they met some of the cast and posed for pictures for me.
  6. Evy asking me to put a billion clips in her hair. 
  7. Zoey protesting my attempts to start packing by sleeping on the packing cubes.
  8. Olivia slipped on her scooter and cut her chin (over the same scar that she received in February) so we got to figure out the hospital here and get some glue on her chin. 
  9. Madi the monkey scaling the doorways. 

There is a new marina being built close to our compound that hosted a big light show this month. We went early and on the first day to minimize the crowds and the girls loved seeing the rainbow lights and walking the boardwalk. 

In preparing for our first Qatar National Day, I headed to the souq in search of outfits for the girls. I was able to get some and enjoyed walking the aisles and seeing the different treasures this gem has to offer. I will definitely be back to shop and take any visitors that come to Doha. 

  1. The girls made bath salts as part of their teacher gifts. 
  2. They also made cookies and we delivered presents this past week before class finished.
  3. Madi's gymnastics had a parent watch last week and we got to see her perform. She loves the class and is good. 
  4. Over the weekend Jason's company hosted a family day. The girls danced on the stage.
  5. Beach picture looking at downtown Doha during the family day.
  6. Our compound hosted a small Christmas event for young kids with a Santa. Two of the girls had no interest until they heard there was chocolate being given after you got your picture taken. 
  7. Madi spent a good bit of time intricately decorating her gingerbread cookie. I think we've been watching a bit too much Great British Baking Show with her - ha.
  8. One of the pros of warm weather year-round is gardening! We have missed having one since Houston and planted last month. There's been a lot of growth!
  9. And we have some baby cucumbers coming in as well!

School officially ended for the girls last Thursday. The school celebrated Qatari National Day early (it's actually December 18) along with a Family Fun Day to wrap up the term before winter break. These are the outfits I bought for the girls at the souq. They had a blast running around eating cotton candy and popcorn with their friends to finish the term. 

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