Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Shortest Month Recap...(August)

This is probably the shortest monthly update I've ever done...most likely because we were gone for more than half of it on our tenth anniversary trip to South Africa.

After flying from Colorado back to Oklahoma (see July recap) we had about a week together with family before I flew off to meet Jason en route to South Africa.

My Dad and Mary came there and got to see the girls for a few more days before they headed back to Chicago. We headed to the OKC Zoo, which is always a win for these girls! They loved the splash pad and feeding the lorikeets the best.

After we came back from our trip we hit up the essentials - chick fil a, the casino, target 😂 We also got to celebrate my mom's birthday before we headed back to Houston and stop and see Lilia in Waco and visit Magnolia (which was so fun!)

Then we packed up our ten suitcases and shuttled to the airport for another l-o-n-g flight to our new home where our shipment was waiting to be delivered. It's been a crazy few days, but thankfully the girls haven't had much jet lag so hopefully the start of school next week will go smoothly and we will get the house in order quickly! 

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