Saturday, September 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: 14 Months

Both of you are improving loads in your walking! You are also both copying when we show you how to do something. You are also waving hello and goodbye to people and it's precious. You still have a blast going to the park and riding in the wagon and tricycle. You also both love the tunnels (as evidenced in the pictures for this month).

We've cut all bottles and you only get sippy cups of milk in the morning and evening. We were being lazy and continuing the bottle until our supply of formula from Norway finally ran out. You still get a pacifier at nap time and before we go to bed. We are being lazy and have no interest in cutting them right now and I'm just fine with that. You both love eating oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, pouches, pasta, and fruit (raspberries [for Evelyn], bananas, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, watermelon, and pineapple [for Olivia]).

You are both so loving and fun and happy. Nothing brings me as much joy as watching you interact with one another, but especially with your adoring big sister Madi. She loves making you both laugh and you have a ball with her! Laughter is of no shortage in our household and I love watching your relationships build.

Here are some special things we want to remember about both of you for this month -


- You're definitely walking lots, but more cautious than your sister. You like to hold your finger and walk around.
- You got two new bottom teeth this month bringing your total to eight (four top and four bottom). I truly think you've had a constant drip of drool and soaked top the entire month.
- You love your puppy dog stuffed animal that we used for monthly pictures. However, you don't care for the panda bear, but will snuggle any other stuffed animal. Perhaps it's because Olivia already laid claim to all pandas in the household?
- You prefer to grunt and kind of point to what you want rather than talk. No way girlfriend - we are pushing you to use actual words for things.
- You've started showing a love for stacking Lego Duplo blocks. You will sit there for a long time stacking and unstacking blocks and studying them.


- You are pretty much running these days. You also do not like to hold our hand or listen when we tell you not to walk somewhere or where you should walk. This combination makes going out with you tons of fun. #sarcasm #littlestinker
- You love your panda bear and could care less about your teddy bear that we used for your monthly pictures. You love him to much in fact that one did not suffice and you've captured both Evelyn and Madison's pandas, bringing your total to three pandas in your crib at bedtime.
- You are talking a lot more nowadays. Sometimes baby babble, but also real words. We got you to say "Madi" a couple times and you love calling all cats "Zaza"
- You are the animal lover. Including your affection for all cats (all called "Zaza" of course) you also ran straight towards our neighbors lovable schnauzer dog and giggled when he licked you.
- You still only have six teeth, but I'm sure you'll be getting more soon.

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