Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66

Last July, ConocoPhillips announced that it would be splitting it's upstream and downstream assets into two separate companies.

Since then we've seen a lot of announcements- the upstream company will stay ConocoPhillips and the downstream company will remain in Houston and be called Phillips 66.

A lot of people have asked me which company I would be with. As a reservoir engineer we are only concerned with oil in the ground and are strictly upstream so there's no uncertainty for me. I will be with ConocoPhillips.

I have a lot of friends though that will be going to Phillips 66 and I am sad about seeing them less as we continue with the split.

Today, May 1, was our Day 1 celebration - the first official day as two companies. They had a big rally and joint lunch for us over at our main complex. (Which hopefully we will move back over to soon!!)

Our new leadership team -

Our new CEO (as you can tell I had a front-row seat for all the festivities!) -

ConocoPhillips is now the largest independent oil company in the world. We anticipate a lot of positive changes to take place as we grow and adjust to be more competitive in our new role as an independent E&P company.

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