Monday, April 23, 2012

MS 150 Weekend!

We are currently (freezing) on the van ride back to Houston. I can't sleep so why not blog, right? Kathleen is teasing me for blogging but I can't sleep. Might as well catch up! :-)

Jason and I are exhausted. I think we have full rights to be considering we just rode 165 miles over two days to raise money and awareness for MS.

If I had to describe Saturday in one word - painful. The wind was blasting NNW at 15 mph. Miserable. Our Chuck Norris-like strength helped some (click here), but it still wasn't enough. It was a long and painful day. I think Jason felt better when he heard a group of MS 150 veterans saying that it was one of the toughest days they could remember. Poor Jason... He didn't pick a good one to start riding!

But we made it to La Grange and still had fun along the way taking breaks and enjoying the ride.

We ran into Jason's aunt and uncle (separately) at two different spots. You might also have noticed the medic with Jason. On top of battling the fierce wind, the poor guy's eye started swelling and we had to get a medic to rinse it. He rode the remainder of the 20+ miles with a single contact. What a trooper!

When we got to La Grange I had a neat surprise - I am the 9th top fundraiser on our team!

We were so glad to be finished with the wind! 100 miles down, 65 miles to go!

Today we rolled out while it was still a little dark and got on our way to Austin. The weather was significantly better. Minimal wind and lots of sun (as evidenced by my thighs, calves, and nose).

And we finished!!!! I am so proud of my hubby! He did amazing! Imagine what he will be able to do if he actually trains... ;-)

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